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Stuck on You Matte Lipstick
Candy Kisses Matte Lipstick
Bubblegum Matte Liquid Lipstick
Cotton Candy Liquid Lipstick
So Peachy Matte Lipstick
Candy Kisses Matte Lipstick
So Peachy Matte Lipstick
Wild Tingz Matte Liquid Lipstick
Wine Down Liquid Lipstick
Stuck on You Matte Lipstick
Stuck on You Matte Lipstick
Bubblegum Matte Liquid Lipstick
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Gloss Like a BOSS

Gloss Like a BOSS

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A multi-use micro-powder that helps you simplify your makeup routine with just one product.

Catered to Every Skin Tone
Sugar Spice 
Ginger Spice 
Cinnamon Spice
Cocoa Spice
Caramel Spice
As a working Makeup Artist, I encounter so many women who have makeup issues when it comes achieving a flawless makeup application. I find that women are getting overwhelmed and confused because they feel that they need to buy every product on the market. But, as a Pro, I've found that you don't need a ton of products to get a flawless finish. You only need one, KEY, Multi-Use product that helps you prime, set & blend your makeup flawlessly. And my signature Multi-Use Micro-Powder is the SOLUTION.

Here's why you you'll Love the

Multi-Use Micro-Powder

The Micro-Fine Particles allow you to set your highlight with a smooth finish.

-“Girl, tell that baked and caked under-eye goodbye!”

The smoothing and mattifying properties of the Micro-Powder allow you to prime your eyes by eliminating oily lids and creasing. 
-“Blending your eyeshadow will be a breeze as your brush and shadow glide effortlessly across your eye.”

The Minerals in the Micro-Fine Powder are designed to create the perfect matte skin-base.
-” Say bye bye to large pores and dry skin.With just a small amount of Micro-Powder, you can get a flawless foundation EVERY TIME!”

The Micro-Powder comes in MULTIPLE shades to cater to EVERY Skin-Tone.

-"Set and Forget your makeup by buffing a coat of micro-powder to give a SKIN-LIKE FINISH."

Transparent Acrylic Face Masque

Transparent Acrylic Face Masque

$25.00Regular Price$20.00Sale Price