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 Reapplying your lipstick is a thing of the past. Using our waterproof, liquid lipstick is the best way to have a poppin’ lip that slay all day. 

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A multi-use micro-powder that helps you simplify your makeup routine with just one product.

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Catered to Every Skin Tone
Sugar Spice 
Ginger Spice 
Cinnamon Spice
Cocoa Spice
Caramel Spice
As a working Makeup Artist, I encounter so many women who have makeup issues when it comes achieving a flawless makeup application. I find that women are getting overwhelmed and confused because they feel that they need to buy every product on the market. But, as a Pro, I've found that you don't need a ton of products to get a flawless finish. You only need one, KEY, Multi-Use product that helps you prime, set & blend your makeup flawlessly. And my signature Multi-Use Micro-Powder is the SOLUTION.
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Here's why you you'll Love the

Multi-Use Micro-Powder

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The Micro-Fine Particles allow you to set your highlight with a smooth finish.

-“Girl, tell that baked and caked under-eye goodbye!”

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The smoothing and mattifying properties of the Micro-Powder allow you to prime your eyes by eliminating oily lids and creasing. 
-“Blending your eyeshadow will be a breeze as your brush and shadow glide effortlessly across your eye.”

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The Minerals in the Micro-Fine Powder are designed to create the perfect matte skin-base.
-” Say bye bye to large pores and dry skin.With just a small amount of Micro-Powder, you can get a flawless foundation EVERY TIME!”

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The Micro-Powder comes in MULTIPLE shades to cater to EVERY Skin-Tone.

-"Set and Forget your makeup by buffing a coat of micro-powder to give a SKIN-LIKE FINISH."

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